Lynn Pippen

Phone: 601-825-2232


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of General Studies; English-William Carey College 1997; Masters of Business Administration; Executive Leadership-William Carey College 2001; United States Army Command and General Staff College; Combined Arms Staff Services School; JROTC Basic and Advanced Instructor Course

Lynn Pippen

   Hello!  My name is Lynn Pippen.  I'm serving in my fourth year at Brandon High School.  I am the Senior Army Instructor/Department Lead for the Junior ROTC program. We will incorporate a the same theme we used last year called, "Average is Over"!  We, as instructors, realize that we must prepare our young people for success in an everchanging, digital world much different from the one we grew up in.  Our belief is that we will best prepare our cadets for this success by instilling a discipline within them to:  think on their own, be willing to collaborate with others, always prepare, always plan, manage multiple tasks at once, and respect differences in others.  We will accomplish this by consistently moving cadets "out of their comfort zones".  We also plan to implement an environment for cadets to learn simple, "hands on skills" that are foreign to the "digital age".  
    We in the Brandon High School JROTC "Bulldog Battalion" are committed to running a program of excellence.  Our program has enjoyed a long lasting title as an Honor Unit with Distinction.  One of the myths often associated with JROTC is that we are a source for recruiting to the military.  This is completely a myth in that our mission statement is to "Motivate young people to be better citizens."  The heart of our program is to grow tomorrow's leaders through military styles of instruction.  Our program uses national educational accredidation standards and combines challenging outdoor activities with indoor technological resources forcing students to abandon their comfort zones and gain new confidence in their abilities.