• QUESTAR  - Algebra & English
    1.  Self-Service - 1st screen - "Featured" screen
    • click the "Pushing RCSD-G2B" Key and Pushing "RCSD-WiFi" Key
      If the passwords pushed to the laptop, the buttons will disappear.
    If student gets an error message "Cannot Install Item" or any error -  reboot laptop, open Self-Service and check to see if buttons have disappeared (wait at least 1 minute).
    2.  Self-Service -- Install Questar
    3.  Open Questar -- Log in with User Name: practice & Password: practice
    Student needs to select items throughout the practice test.  
    Suggest selecting different types: Multiple Choice, Drop Down, selecting items, etc.
    • At the end of the test - upper left corner - "Review & Submit Test"
    • Students should get a green check mark 
    • Students need to show Teacher the green check mark.  
      **Teachers need to keep records of all students getting a green check mark. This  indicates the student will be able to test.
    Any other problems, send student to Tech Team Room. Please do not send an entire class.