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Absence Reporting

Welcome to the RCSD absence reporting page. Starting January 1, 2017 there will be changes to how employees report ALL absences and register for school-related events. OARS will be replaced by Frontline (Kelly Services) for absences and EventZilla for school-related events. The directions are below. Please contact Kelly Services for questions regarding absence reporting or Curriculum for questions regarding school-related event registration.  
Help Guide: Click Here 

Absence Reporting 

If your absence is school-related, please register for the event first by following the steps for School-Related Event Registration below.

Report your school related absence by clicking the Absence Reporting button. Absence types include sick, personal, school-related, bereavement, military, vacation, and cv sick (during the pandemic for Coronavirus or vaccine related absences, which require documentation).

Note: Your Login credentials are provided by Kelly Services.

Click here for Absence Reporting

Kelly Services can be reached at 800-528-0049 to report an absence on the day you need off or if the date has passed.

School-Related Event Registration

Register for your event by clicking the Event Registration button below. 
Report your school-related absence using the steps for Absence Reporting above. 

Click here for Event Registration

Kelly Services Contact

Keiona Miller
Kelly Account Manager
601-825-5590, ext. 1099