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Back to School Immunizations Plan

Parents can print their own 121 form if they create an account at www.MyIRMobile.com 

Rankin County Health Department Back to School Immunizations Plan

The goal of the Rankin County Health Department is to keep our community and kids as safe as possible during this back to school season.  We are asking for the Rankin County School District’s help to decrease the crowd and the last minute back to school rush for immunizations. We have put a plan into place to follow the current Covid-19 social distancing guidelines. We need the help of the Rankin County School district to get this information out to parents.  

  •  All immunizations will be by appointment only. 
  • We are only allowing the child and 1 parent. We are asking that younger siblings be left with a sitter but understand if those arrangements cannot be made.  
  • Everyone over the age of 2 will be required to wear a mask in the building.  
  • Covid-19 screening and temperatures will be checked upon entering the building.
  • 121 Forms will be given at each appointment.
  • 121 Form requests for students that do not need immunizations can be made by calling the RCHD at 601-420-4959. Please make the request at least 4 hours before planning to pick it up. Call upon arriving and we will meet them at the door with their form.

We are asking for your help to advise parents to call now for an appointment to prevent delays in getting the required immunizations to start school.  

Thank you for your help and support for the Rankin County Health Department. We look forward to serving our community during this back to school season. Please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns regarding Immunizations.

Valerie Brewer, RN BSN 
Clinic Coordinating Nurse
Rankin County Health Department
401 Parkway Dr                                                             
Pearl, MS  39208
Phone: 601-420-4959
Fax:  601-420-4047