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Device Payments

1 to 1 Technology Device Payments:

***Starting 3/21/2022 payments for 1 to 1 devices will be made in eFunds***

Payments for 1 to 1 (usage fees, damages, charges, etc) will no longer be paid through MySchoolBucks

  1. Accept the policies for all payment types (credit card, debit card, and cash):
  2. Make a 1 to 1 payment online - click the e~Funds link below:

**Payments made via e~Funds will show on your bank statement as "Rankin County SD"

**cash payments accepted at your child's school



Parent Guides:

  • Please help us control the spread of Covid-19 by paying online instead of with cash. No checks or money orders will be accepted.
  • If you are having financial difficulty paying for your student's device use fee please contact your school counselor or administrator for options.
  • **Lunch balance and payments are made through My Payments Plus.**