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Device Payments

1 to 1 Laptop Payments:

*Starting March 16, 2020 all payments made will be applied to the 2020-2021 school year. 


1. Click here to accept the policies for ALL payments (credit card/debit card AND cash): Technology Use Form

2. To make a 1 to 1 payment using a credit card, login to your PowerSchool Parent Portal account: 

PowerSchool Parent Portal

Once you have setup your MySchoolBucks account using one of the setup methods, you can download the MySchoolBucks mobile app from the Play Store or App Store. 

Please help us control the spread of Covid-19 by paying online instead of with cash. No checks or money orders will be accepted.

Setup MySchoolBucks:

- Have an existing PowerSchool Parent Portal account?

Link your existing PowerSchool Parent Portal account with MySchoolBucks

Setup the mobile app after linking your PowerSchool Parent Portal account

- Have an existing MySchoolBucks account?

Link your existing MySchoolBucks account work with Rankin County School District

- Want to create a stand alone MySchoolBucks account w/out going through PowerSchool?

Setup stand alone MySchoolBucks Account