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TDaP Notice for 2021-2022 School Year

ATTENTION: Parents of 6th Graders Vaccination required for all Students Entering the 7th Grade

ALL students entering the 7th Grade for the upcoming school year must show ORIGINAL proof of the TDaP vaccination (at age seven or later) by presenting an updated Mississippi FORM 121 Certificate of Immunization Compliance. Please make sure ALL vaccines are listed on the same FORM 121. Do not bring an update FORM 121 listing only the new TDaP vaccine.

Your doctor or health care provider can arrange a TDaP vaccination for you and should provide the required FORM 121 certificate at the time of your child’s vaccination. You can also visit any county health department to receive the TDaP vaccination.

The Rankin County Health Department is located at 401 Parkway Dr. in Pearl (behind the Pearl Police Station). Their phone number is 601-420-4959 or contact the Hinds County Medical Mall at 601-982-8467.

Again, EVERY student entering the seventh grade must have documentation (Original FORM 121) from a physician verifying they have received a recent TDaP vaccination in order to return to school in August. More information about this vaccination can be found at