Reading Fair Information

The purpose of the competition is to provide students in grades PreK-12 the opportunity to share their favorite fictional, nonfiction narrative, or informational book through a storyboard or digital media display. With the implementation of the Mississippi College-and Career-Readiness Standards (MS CCRS) for English Language Arts, World Languages, Visual Arts, and Early Childhood, an emphasis has been placed on student mastery of the skills and concepts necessary to read complex texts at each grade level, write texts using evidence, and create presentations that demonstrate imagination and effective use of various materials to express ideas. MS CCRS also places value on reading both literary and informational texts. In support of the MS CCRS, the goal of the Mississippi Reading Fair is to enhance and encourage reading at all grade levels and to allow students to collaborate with their peers. As a result of participating in this process, students will experience a deeper enjoyment from reading and develop a lifelong love of reading.



District Reading Fair Dates | 2018

Student Guidelines | 2018